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1. Incorporation
How long does an incorporation take?
Some states have same day filing. Typically, 48-72 hours. However, if you mail it in which recommend for Tax Exempt/Non-Profit Organizations it could take up to 1 week. Accept during annual report season it can vary.
How long does it take for us to prepare your paperwork. Usually within 2 working days excluding weekends and holidays.

2. Business / Personal Telephone Number
Your telephone Number is usually completed within 24 hours and listed in directories within 72 hours.

3. CPN
The process and completion time usually takes around 10 business days.

4. Refunds
We do not issue a refund after 72 hours.

5. UCC
Is a filing that we do to validate your company.
You can google UCC and find out all kinds of information in relation to what they are and what they do. However we only use it for one purpose to validate your company. It also shows the agreement for goods and services you will obtain from our company.

6. Business Credit
Is what every business owner desire to have. Can I obtain credit for my company even if my personal credit is not so great? The answer is yes.
When you begin to apply for Tier III some pf the major lenders will ask for your social.

6a. What is Tier I Credit?
Net 30 Day Companies.
How do I know which net 30 Day companies report?
When you sign up for our services, we will provide you with a list of them.

6b. Why is Tier I Credit important? Because all of the lenders in Tier II will look to see that you can pay Net 30 day companies on or before time, in order for them to extend credit to you.

6c. What is Tier II Credit?
These are revolving lines of credit.

6d. Wat is Tier 3 Credit.

6e. How much credit can I obtain?
You will be able to obtain Tier I and Tier II credit.
When you begin to apply for Tier III some pf the major lenders will ask for your social.

We offer 2 templates you can chose from.
You can give us a simple logo concept, and our developers will work to come as close as possible, or our developers can create a logo and you can critique for changes you would like us to make.

8. What Do Lenders Look for before extending credit?
Registered and Active Entity with an EIN
Telephone Number in 411
Website and Email from the company domain
Duns Number, SAMS, and
Business Bank Account
Commercial Address
Business License
Social Media
Business Credibility

9. Who are the Business Credit Bureaus?
Major Bureaus Third Party Bureaus
Dun & Bradstreet FDInsight Paynet
Experian Business Cortera ChexSystems
Equifax Business

10. S-Corp

11. C-Corp

12. LLC

13. Any other questions click here, complete our contact us form and someone will respond within 72 hours accept on weekends or holidays.